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Who are good candidates for Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Virtually all patients appropriate for "open" surgery are good candidates for RAMIS. Most endometrial and cervical cancers appropriate for surgery can likely be treated with RAMIS.

If I don't have cancer, but my family has many members with cancer, should I see a Gynecologic Oncologist?

Any woman with multiple family members with breast, colon, endometrial or ovarian cancer ought to see a Gynecologic Oncologist in consultation to assess her risk of cancer. She may need closer screening or even prophylactic surgery.

Does Dr. Chamberlain only see cancer patients?

No, because of the extensive and advanced surgical training of a gynecologic oncologist, many patients with multiple medical problems that require gynecologic surgery, women with very complex gynecologic problems or failed previous gynecologic surgeries see Dr. Chamberlain.